Ubuntu running on a 2008 27” iMac

As shown in the image, I just installed Ubuntu on my 2008 27” iMac. The UI is interesting, a combination of MacOS and Windows. From what I’ve seen, I think I’ll like the Ubuntu UI (Unity) more than Linux Mint, but I’m open. So far Ubuntu is also significantly faster than the latest versions of MacOS were on the same hardware, though that may be because MacOS had a few hundred thousand more files on it than Ubuntu has at the moment.

iPhone/iOS: How to quit using cellular data when using WiFi

I live in Colorado, where cellular reception can be very hit or miss. As just one example there are only two spots in my apartment where I can make a phone call. So when I’m at home trying to view a website using Safari on my iPhone and the page is loading really slow, I find it really annoying that my iPhone is trying to use my cellular data rather than my home wireless network (WiFi).

Note: Apple implies that the cellular data is “assisting” the WiFi, but with the poor cell reception here, I can confirm that this feature just slows down my iPhone internet speed.

Process, not results

There’s a well-known sports psychologist in Denver who tells people to feel less stress by focusing on process, not the results of the process. I suspect that’s where this Adam Gase quote comes from:

“We’re just trying to get players better, rather than worrying about the result. We follow our process, and whatever the outcome ends up being, well, it’s been good in the past.”

Wim Leers’ articles on Drupal 8 Page Cache and performance

Wim Leers has at least three good blog posts on the Drupal 8 “Page Cache” and performance, which promises to be much better than Drupal 7 performance. Drupal 8 now has page caching enabled by default states, “Drupal 8 is now between 2 and 200 times faster than Drupal 7 for anonymous users.”

Drupal 8’s Dynamic Page Cache discusses D8’s Dynamic Page Cache. As the article states, “The Page Cache module only works for anonymous users, the Dynamic Page Cache module takes that a step further: it works for any user.”

renderviz: tool visualizing Drupal 8's render tree provides a few more details, and also provides a demo of the cool Firefox Developer Tools 3D view. The image I show comes from that page.

As I wrote in Huge Drupal 6/7 Boost module performance improvements, the Boost module for Drupal 6 and 7 makes this website render pretty fast, and it sounds like Page Cache is a replacement for Boost in Drupal 8.