How to stream audio to multiple speakers from Mac, iOS, Android

If you want to stream audio output to multiple speakers from your Mac, PC, iOS or Android device, I can tell you that this DIY article is spot on. Based on that article I just did a very similar thing, with good results. The only caveat is that the volume knob on the Lepai LP-2020A+ is very tight, and only seems to work in certain positions, but other than that, the approach works as advertised. I went with the Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers for $59, but in retrospect I wish I had tried the smaller Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers.

Boom for Mac

I haven’t tried their software yet, but a friend of a friend recommends Boom, which is a “system wide volume booster and equalizer application that effortlessly improves the sound of your Mac.” Boom is actually a software application, not a hardware product.

iTunes AppleScript examples (command examples)

iTunes AppleScript FAQ: Can you share some iTunes AppleScript examples (example scripts)?

As I've been working a lot with Mac speech recognition software lately, AppleScript has once again become important in my life. I've been writing a lot of small AppleScript scripts, including AppleScript iTunes scripts, and I thought I'd share snippets of code from those iTunes scripts here for anyone else they might benefit.

Java sound - A command line Java program to play a sound file (in headless mode)

As part of my ongoing HAL 9000 voice obsession, I downloaded a bunch of "HAL 9000" sound files last night. But, when you double-click a sound file on Mac OS X, it automatically plays through iTunes, which is good for some things, but bad for what I wanted to do. So, I wrote a quick little "Java sound" program to read the name of a sound file from the command line, and then play the sound file.

How to fix the hide and seek problem with a Mac window and hidden dialog

Mac hidden window/dialog solution: One of the craziest things I see with the Mac OS X operating system from time to time is a game of "hide and seek" that you can get into with dialog windows in Mac applications. You'll hear people describe this problem something like this: "When I click on my Mac application window (like the main iTunes window), my Mac makes a 'dunk' noise (an error sound), like I'm doing something wrong by trying to click on the window.

MacOS: How to convert CAF sound files to AIF, MP3, WAV, AU, etc.

Mac CAF/AIF/MP3 sound file FAQ: How do I convert a CAF file to AIF format, MP3 format, or any other sound file format on Mac OS X, for free?

Convert CAF to AIF, MP3, WAV, for free - solution

While writing my Mac "Hide Your Desktop" application, I can't work with certain sound file formats yet, so I've been digging around trying to figure out how to convert Apple's "CAF" file format into a format I can deal with, and I really need files to be in an AIF, MP3, WAV, or AU format.

Last night I found a cool Mac OS X command-line utility named afconvert that lets you convert sound files from one format to another, for free. So I dug into it, and eventually created a shell script that lets me convert all my CAF sound files into AIF sound files. A slightly modified version of the same script will allow you to convert CAF or AIF sound files to MP3, WAV, and other sound file formats.

Java sound example - how to play a sound file in Java

My Java sound/audio example: I'm working on a simple "meditation" application that plays a sound after a certain period of time (the sound of a gong), so I thought I'd share some source code out here that demonstrates how to play a sound file in a Java application like this.

(Note: I initially found this technique described at, but the code below is taken from my project.)

In this case the sound file I'm going to play is an "au" file, but I believe this same technique works with most other sound file types as well.

How to control iTunes from the keyboard on Mac OS X

iTunes Question: Is there a way to control iTunes from the keyboard when using Mac OS X?

Answer: Yes, there is a nice (and free) little program named Sizzling Keys that lets you control iTunes even when iTunes is minimized, hidden, or being displayed in another Space in the Mac OS X operating system. Just download and install Sizzling Keys, and select the key combinations you want to use to control iTunes.

Toyota RAV4 steering column klunking noise - an epidemic?

Summary: The Toyota RAV, 2006 model and newer, have become famous for a steering column klunking sound. Toyota then saddles the RAV4 owner with an $800 repair bill.

The question is, why isn't there a Toyota recall on this steering column klunking sound problem?