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iMac monitor - How to turn off your iMac monitor without turning off your iMac

iMac monitor energy saving FAQ: How can I turn off my iMac monitor without turning off my iMac?

I've hooked up some nice speakers to my iMac and I often use it to play music in the house, and this morning I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if I could turn off the iMac monitor while it's just playing music?" Hopefully that would help extend the life of the display, not to mention save some energy and be more "green".

iPhone "Slide for Emergency" and "Activated" error messages alvin July 7, 2009 - 6:13pm

I'm not sure what I keep doing, but every once in a while when I turn on my iPhone 3G (after turning it off completely, i.e., a restart/reboot) I see a couple of different weird "error" messages. The first error message says, "Slide for emergency", and looks like this:

How to restart/reboot an iPhone or iPod

iPhone reboot FAQ: How do I restart (reboot) an iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

As a new iPhone user, after hearing that the iPhone may suffer from a memory leak which causes applications to become slower over time, I looked at my phone and wondered "How do I turn off my iPhone?", quickly followed by "How do I restart my iPhone?"