Learning Functional Programming in Scala alvin May 15, 2017 - 4:18pm

Table of Contents

  1. The changes
  2. The plan
  3. Download
  4. Updates
Table of Contents1 - The changes2 - The plan3 - Download4 - Updates

Dateline May 15, 2017: Version 0.1.1 of my new book, Learning Functional Programming in Scala, is now available. Please read below for more details.

How to use the Android 7 split screen feature (tutorial) alvin March 9, 2017 - 11:03am
Table of Contents1 - How to use Android’s split-screen feature2 - Rotating your device3 - Android 7 split-screen divider control4 - The split-screen “Recent Apps” icon5 - The “App doesn’t support split screen” message6 - Summary: Android 7 split-screens

Android 7 comes with a cool new “split screen” feature where you can look at two apps running at the same time. This little pictorial/tutorial shows how to use this split-screen feature.

Functional programming series (Burge school of FP) alvin January 13, 2017 - 9:20am

When it’s finished, this series of articles by José Manuel may be a good read on functional programming.

I wonder what else I did

A strange thing about the illness I’ve gone through is that I don’t have any memory of certain events.

For example — from what I can gather — during my worst time(s) I wrote this Collection of ScalaTest BDD examples using FunSpec tutorial, but I have no memory of writing it. I know that I wrote it because (a) it’s my writing style and (b) it’s on my website, but other than that, I have no recall of it. None. Zilch.

For a little while that bothered me, but now I look at it as something that’s interesting. I think it’s weird/amazing that I could write a tutorial and have no memory of writing it (or the process of researching it), but I guess that’s how the brain can work when things are screwed up. During the same time I also wrote this note to “buy some december at the grocery store,” so I know my brain was definitely going out to lunch at times.

I can see how this can be frustrating for people with chronic memory problems, but at the moment I look at it more as a mystery, like, “Huh, well, I wonder what else I did during that time?”

“Alexa written with Akka” = Aleka

Table of Contents1 - Background2 - Assumptions3 - 1) Create an SBT project4 - 2) Create a Scala app5 - 3) Messages6 - 4) The brain7 - 5) The mouth8 - 6) The project directory structure9 - 7) Running the application10 - The source code11 - What’s next

As a way of demonstrating how to write code with Akka, Scala, and functional programming (FP), I started creating a new project this weekend. I named it Aleka, because it may eventually be like Amazon’s Echo/Alexa, written with Akka (and Scala).

(I suppose a better name might be “Ekko,” after Echo, but I have a niece named Aleka, so unless she objects, this works for me.)

A Git tutorial by Mary Rose Cook alvin August 1, 2016 - 5:22pm

While I’m in the Mary Rose Cook neighborhood, she also wrote this excellent Git tutorial.

Learning FP: Experiences on the Elm language

This image is from a tutorial titled, Learning FP: Experiences on the Elm language.

I don’t know much about Elm yet, other than it’s an FP language for writing browser code, and it looks a lot like Haskell. As the tutorial author states, “Elm is a programming language that compiles to HTML5: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.” Another good quote is, “There are no worries about bugs due to weird mixed state as the state is always a direct result of input.”

Scary thought of the day alvin June 29, 2016 - 10:40am

A scary thought for me is that as many as 138,664 people may have learned about the Unix/Linux vi editor by watching my old vi/vim tutorial on YouTube. That was one of the first video tutorials I ever created, and what I should have done is (a) never publish it, and (b) keep re-recording it until I got a lot better.

(I was reminded of this when YouTube sent me an email last night to congratulate me on having over 1,000 followers.)

How to upgrade a Drupal 6 website to Drupal 8 (how to try)

I’m currently trying to upgrade a Drupal 6 website to Drupal 8, but the process has been slow-going so far. I’ll explain the problems and workarounds in this article as I learn them.

So far I have been able to get a Drupal 6 website with 7,000+ nodes and 18,000+ URL aliases converted to the point that I can now see all of the old blog posts on the Drupal 8 site, and I’ve also started theming the Drupal 8 website.