JSP CGI - A JSP that prints the equivalent of CGI variables

I created a JSP this morning that prints out the equivalent of most traditional CGI parameters. Sometimes I use these to debug a problem, other times I use them within JSP/servlet code for other non-debug purposes.

Here's the Java source code for my JSP CGI page, which I named cgiParams.jsp. As you can see, most of these variables come from the JSP request object:

Perl CGI environment variables example

Here's a sample Perl CGI program I wrote that prints out all of the environment variables it knows. I've found this program to be very useful when first installing a web server, or when debugging a problem with a web server or new environment.

Perl CGI environment variables - example program

Here's the code:

A sample Perl CGI program that can be used to edit files on a web site

Below I've included a sample Perl CGI program that I use to edit some files on my web sites. I've modified the file a little bit for the purposes of this example, but it's essentially what I use.

Very Important: This program by itself is not secure in any way. It does not require a user login, etc. At the very least you will want to secure access to this program with an Apache htaccess configuration, or something similar on other Perl CGI web servers. This program is shown here for demonstration purposes only.

Wed, June 5, 2002

Yesterday I was reminded of cetus-links. At last check they have over 18,000 links related to the OO world. While I'm in the linkmeister neighborhood, cgi-resources is still a decent reference for Perl programs.