A special pair of glasses for working on a computer

One of the smarter things I’ve done in the last year is to buy a special pair of glasses that I use just for working on a computer. They’re large, almost as large as those shown in this photo of James Garner from The Rockford Files. This is nice, because I barely see the rims while I’m working, and that’s a big win. I have another pair of “progressive lens” (bifocal) glasses I use for everything else, but my biggie glasses are specially tuned to give me perfect focus in the 18-36” range, which is perfect for programming. I debated for quite some time about whether it was worth buying two pairs of glasses, but now I wouldn’t live without them.

The network is the computer - The Chrome OS mantra?

After I posted on Twitter that the Google Chrome OS reminded me of the Tektronix X-Terminals we used at NASA around 1990, a friend tweeted the reply, "The network is the computer."

If you know anything about Unix history, you know "The network is the computer" was the slogan of Sun (nee Sun Microsystems) for many years. I remember reading an article one time where Sun executive said something like, "We don't really know what it means, but we like it", in regards to this slogan.

Apple revenue per employee (amazing)

As a brief followup to yesterday's article on Revenue Per Employee in Computer Services, here's a mind-blowing statistic:

Apple earns $1,664,431 revenue per employee.

That's right, well over $1.6M revenue per employee. That's just mind-boggling. That revenue statistic just destroys computer service firms, whose best performer earns $169K revenue per employee.

Revenue per employee in the computer industry

As I get ready to release my new website on How I Sold My Business, I did some research on revenue per employee, specifically revenue per employee in the computer services industry.

As it turns out, there are all sorts of good information sites on the internet. Probably the most consistent source of information is the Fortune Magazine site, specifically these two links:

The ultimate iPad stand? A 2002 iMac

Under the category of "Steal this invention", for anyone looking for a great product idea, here's what I have today:

I've always wanted an "always on" computer device in the kitchen, so that when I walk into the kitchen, I can tap the device or speak to it, and it comes instantly, just like the lights. Once it's on, I'd like for it to be able to do all the usual things, but primarily I'd like to be able to: