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How to turn off the Android haptic feedback vibration setting alvin March 12, 2017 - 5:30pm

If you want to turn off the Android haptic feedback vibration setting on Android 7, I just found that you have to follow these steps:

Settings > Sound > Other sounds > Vibrate on tap

It feels odd that the setting is buried under the “Sound” setting, but there it is.

Instructions for filing an Android bug report alvin March 10, 2017 - 11:25am

As a quick note (circa March 10, 2017 and Android 7), I filed an Android bug report recently, and when I did, one of the Android developers asked if I would file an Android bug report. To do so, they gave me these instructions:

“After reproducing the issue, navigate to developer settings, ensure ‘USB debugging’ is enabled, then enable ‘Bug report shortcut’. To take bug report, hold the power button and select the ‘Take bug report’ option. Note: Please upload the files to google drive and share the folder to, then share the link here.”

I thought that was interesting, I had never seen the “Bug report shortcut” approach before.

How to use the Android 7 split screen feature (tutorial) alvin March 9, 2017 - 11:03am
Table of Contents1 - How to use Android’s split-screen feature2 - Rotating your device3 - Android 7 split-screen divider control4 - The split-screen “Recent Apps” icon5 - The “App doesn’t support split screen” message6 - Summary: Android 7 split-screens

Android 7 comes with a cool new “split screen” feature where you can look at two apps running at the same time. This little pictorial/tutorial shows how to use this split-screen feature.

Android: How to go back to Google App stories after closing the Now card

I like the “Google” app on Android — the thing you see if you swipe right on the Android home screen. But a weakness of it is that you can’t get back to a story easily. For instance, this morning I followed a Google Now card to see a story about Tom Ricketts and the Cubs, closed the story, then thought, “Wait, I meant to look at XYZ in that web page.” Once you close a story like this the Now card disappears, and you can’t get back to it easily (which is the weakness).

Solution 1: Going back to Google Now app stories on Android 7

I don’t know if this is the only way to do it, but as a solution, one way to get back to the story on Android 7 is to follow these steps:

Android File Transfer error: Can’t access device storage (solved)

Summary: This article shows a solution to the Android File Transfer app “not working on Mac” problem, where you get the error message, “Can’t access storage device.” (This solution probably also works on Microsoft Windows systems, though I don’t know for sure.)