mast cell activation syndrome

Cured meats bad for asthma

Writing as someone who likely has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and who has also looked into histamine intolerance, it was surprising to see the headlines in this image being “news” in 2016. MCAS was officially designated as a disease in 2007, and for anyone who knows about it, there’s nothing new about this. Cured foods are well known to be a trigger for people with mast cell issues, meaning that eating cured foods is known to trigger mast cells to release histamine (i.e., to degranulate).

Diagnosing mast cell activation disease (MCAS, MCAD, Dr. Afrin)

This is a good quote from Dr. Afrin, from this page about diagnosing mast cell activation disease (MCAS, MCAD), which explains why it has taken this long to get close to a diagnosis of my illness. Regular everyday doctors, even the hematologist I saw last week, may know about mastocytosis, but they don’t know about mast cell activation disease.

Mast cells tend to hang out at the body’s environmental interfaces alvin September 21, 2016 - 10:02pm

“Mast cells tend to hang out at the body’s environmental interfaces (to best serve their defensive role).”

That’s a short but very important quote from the book, Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and Chronic Illness.

Do you have dry, itchy, gritty eyes? Ever have a dry cough, where it feels like no matter how much or how hard you cough, you can’t get rid of the itchy feeling in your throat? Or how about itchy skin? All of these are your body’s “environmental interfaces,” where mast cells are trying to protect your body. (These are also symptoms of mast cell activation disease.)

Debugging this body starts tomorrow alvin September 20, 2016 - 8:37pm

Doctors have a good theory on why my body is throwing GoUnconscious exceptions. Debugging starts tomorrow. Hope to be writing again soon. :)