Created a vision board and it all came true alvin May 22, 2018 - 6:16pm

I created a vision board many years ago during a retreat, and I have to say, everything on the board came true. I was thinking recently that it would be even more true if I didn’t have health problems for several years, and more recently providing financial support for family members. If it weren’t for those things I’d probably be living in Talkeetna or Palmer, Alaska today, writing more books.

Apple revenue per employee (amazing)

As a brief followup to yesterday's article on Revenue Per Employee in Computer Services, here's a mind-blowing statistic:

Apple earns $1,664,431 revenue per employee.

That's right, well over $1.6M revenue per employee. That's just mind-boggling. That revenue statistic just destroys computer service firms, whose best performer earns $169K revenue per employee.

The numbers behind "Do You Yahoo?"

In this article, "Do You Yahoo?", states that Yahoo and Google have roughly the same number of visitors, but Google makes 11 times as much money as Yahoo does. Since the early days of advertising I've known that advertising on search results pages pays a lot more than advertising on content-display pages, but I've never seen it compared at 11 times higher. Here's a deeper look at the numbers.

Jobs for thieves

I was just chatting with my oldest sister, and we were talking about companies who are currently hiring. While looking at that list, my sister casually mentioned that there is another name for a financial advisor: "thief".

On a whim, I went to and typed in "thief", and found these job listings:

Apple has nearly $1M per employee in the bank

Last night I put two recent news articles together, and realized that Apple has nearly one million dollars in the bank per employee(!). Okay, it's actually only $802,857 per employee, but that's still not too shabby. (At the current rate, in another quarter or two it actually will be $1M per employee.)

Is Barnes & Noble in trouble?

I can't help but wonder if Barnes & Noble is in financial trouble. I've been a "member" for a while now, and when I used to receive an email once a week I thought we had a reasonable, casual relationship. But over the last few weeks B&N has turned into a stalker, sending me at least one email message every day, with each message sounding more and more desperate: "We'll give you 10% off", "Make that 20%", "No, wait, 40% off".