Please help - Stack Overflow is copying my content

So what I learned tonight is that the Stack Overflow (SO) website has copied my content almost 800 times without linking back to my website once. This image shows the Google search results:

Google search results

Because SO doesn't link back to the originating site, when someone searches for a tutorial I've written, they're more likely to find results from the SO website in the search results than my content -- the original tutorial -- because they're a much larger website and organization.

(On occasion they do link back to the original site, but because they use the "rel='nofollow'" tag with the link, Google ignores it.)

In short, if you'd like to help me, please provide a link on your website to mine, I assume Google still treats links as "votes", and as a little guy fighting against The Man, I can use all the votes I can get.

If you've ever found a tutorial on the website (which is now that has helped you, and you want to see more original tutorials in the future, please think of this as a way of helping me back.

Thank you,
Alvin Alexander

P.S. - Don't get me wrong, I like and appreciate Stack Overflow, but if you're going to copy the heck out of someone's material, you should properly link back to them.