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“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

~ Sun Tzu

Driving into Boulder, Colorado — the hospital is just a mile up the road on the right — there’s still some snow in the mountains as of June 2, 2018.

Still some snow in the mountains (Boulder, Colorado)

The quote shown comes from an article titled, How your stress turns into sickness. Personally, with the mast cell activation disease I go right to syncope (passing out, unconsciousness), but to each their own.

Mast cell disease, histamine, and how stress turns into sickness

If you want to implement About, Preferences, and Quit handlers with Java 9 and newer on MacOS systems, this example Java source code shows how to do it:

Zalando has started their own tech radar list.

Zalando tech radar

Here’s a short list showing the average wages in the United States after taxes vs other countries. I found this list on this tweet, and the data comes from this article.

Average wages after taxes (United States vs other countries)

I just came across a couple more null values out in the wild, this time on the website.

null values on the espn website

The Lightbend website has a nice article about SBT development titled, Berlin Scala Spree and sbt 1.1.6. That article also references this Contributing to SBT page, which is a nice document about how to contribute to SBT development.

I currently live in a small apartment (about 700 square feet), and when I work from home I like to run a small fan to keep the temperature consistent throughout the apartment space. My work area is near the windows, so in the summer it’s significantly warmer there than somewhere else, like the kitchen. I’ve gone through several fans trying to keep the temperature consistent, but they were all too noisy, and became a distraction while working, and they were even worse at night when watching television.

So I finally pried open my wallet and spent $99 on this “pureFlow QT7” fan by GreenTech Environmental. On its lowest setting it runs at ~13db, so I don’t hear it at all. During the day I run it on a setting of 3 or 4, and it’s still much quieter than a normal fan, and not distracting at all. At night I run it on a 1 or 2 and don’t hear it at all while watching television.

a relatively small, quiet fan for a small apartment

“Oracle plans to drop support for data serialization/deserialization from the main body of the Java language, according to Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java platform group at Oracle.”

~ A quote from a story that is covered well on this site, and it looks like the original article is at InfoWorld.

From my endocrinologist (May, 2018), “For people with a history of thyroid cancer, keep the TSH level in a range of 0.1 to 0.5.”

My previous dose was too high, and my TSH level was basically 0.0 (which I could tell because my heart was racing), but by reducing the synthroid/levothyroxine dosage, it’s now in that range once again.

If you’re into rodeos, I’ve heard about the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo every year since I moved to Colorado, but I haven’t been there yet. The dates for 2018 are July 20-29.

A little bathroom wall inspiration (in the form of creative writing) for the day. Fear nothing! :)

Fear nothing

Many (many!) years ago I created this easily printable monthly calendar. If you ever need a monthly calendar you can print, I hope that’s helpful.

“Learn to say, ‘I hope that works out for you’, rather than trying to ‘fix’ or change people.”

~ from Maryam Hasnaa, image by

(I see a lot of people who bring stress on themselves by trying to control friends, relatives, and partners. Unless you’re someone’s boss in a place of work, you should ask yourself, “Why do I feel the need to try to control other people?”)

I hope that works out for you

“At the level at which there is only pure pran, a number of labels are interchangeable. This place could also be called pure light or pure consciousness as well as pure pran. The implications of this are far reaching. For it means the universe is consciousness. It follows that when you have succeeded in fully breaking the identification with your body, senses, and thoughts, then you merge into pure consciousness – Universal Consciousness. What you thought was ‘your’ consciousness turns out to be only a part of a Consciousness caught in the illusion of separateness. A person who has severed all attachments and has thus become one with Consciousness is said to be in SAT CHIT ANANDA: total existence, total knowledge, total bliss. This is the highest form of samadhi.”

~ Ram Dass, in the book, Be Here Now

Every Friday during the summer months (mid-May to mid-August) in Palmer, Alaska they have a little party/celebration/gather called Friday Flings, which consist of local entertainment, food, Alaska grown and made products, and activities. They were one of my favorite things about living in Palmer, something to look forward to at the end of every week.

Friday Flings in Palmer, Alaska

I was looking for something else today and came across a collection of Scala style guides:

When you say, “I’m disappointed in so-and-so,” that disappointment comes from you having a preconceived notion about how other people in the world should behave. Unless you’re their boss, the problem in the situation may be that you think you should be able to control how other people should act — that is, trying to impose your beliefs on other people — not the other person’s actions.

(I write that as I’m reminded that my oldest sister and her husband make over $300,000 a year and don’t help with my mom’s medical expenses or her care.)

“Remember people, that no matter who you are, and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same. You, me, them, everybody, everybody.”

~ Elwood Blues, from the song, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love