A review of hotels in Wasilla, Alaska

I have some friends that are coming to Alaska this summer, and they've asked me for a list of the best hotels in Wasilla. This is a bit of a tricky question, as I don't think people on vacation should spend time in Wasilla (I explain this below), but ... to answer the question, this is a short list of my recommendations for the best hotels in Wasilla, Alaska.

Best hotels in Wasilla, Alaska - review of the Best Western

The Best Western is probably the nicest hotel in Wasilla. I've been there a few times now, and it has several things going for it. First, it's on Lake Lucille, so many of the views are wonderful. I've taken several floatplane rides that land on the lake, and then pull up to this hotel, and everything about that experience is wonderful.

Second, the hotel is fairly large, well-kept, and their services seem to be very nice. For instance, the restaurant in the back of the hotel has enormous picture windows that face the lake, and offer wonderful views. You can also walk out to a large deck in this same area.

Finally, the hotel is reasonably close to town, just a few miles north of the strip malls that seem to define Wasilla. This is nice, because it will be much more quiet than anything in town.

As hotels in Wasilla go, I think the Best Western is your best option. It's certainly the most "vacation" like experience you'll have in Wasilla.

Hotels in Wasilla, Alaska - review of the Grandview Inn

I stayed at the Grandview Inn when I came back to the area earlier this year (March, 2010), and it's also a decent hotel, with two major benefits. First, as the name implies, it has a tremendous view of some of the mountains in town. Really, there are only a few places I know with a better view, and like the Best Western, the Grandview has their restaurant strategically placed with large windows so you can look out at the mountain.

Second, unlike the Best Western, the Grandview Inn is right in the heart of Wasilla, on the Parks Highway. It sits right next to a Greek/Italian restaurant named Evangelos, and you can also walk over to Chilis if you prefer. From the Grandview you can be at WalMart or the Fred Meyer grocery store in minutes.

On the negative side, because it sits on the main road in town, it may be a little loud, especially if you get the bright idea to try to sleep with the windows open, as I did. But other than that, it's a nice hotel. If you're looking for a hotel in Wasilla that's closer to all the action, the Grandview is a good choice.

Hotels in Wasilla, Alaska - Summary

As you can tell by this brief review, when it comes to hotels in Wasilla, there isn't a lot to choose from, at least not hotels I'd want to stay in.

Before going, I'll add two more notes here. First, as you might be able to tell by me selecting the Best Western as the nicest hotel in town, there are no "upscale" hotels here, like a Hilton. These two are as nice as it gets. After all, this is Alaska.

Second, unless you're traveling to Wasilla for one of those travel days where you need to get things done -- laundry, shopping, etc. -- I wouldn't come to Wasilla. I'd drive right through Wasilla, and go to a more scenic location. If you have to stay in this general area for some reason, I'd strongly recommend staying in Palmer, Alaska, if possible. It's just 10-15 minutes east and north of here, and a much prettier town, and much closer to the mountains.

In trying to keep this positive, let's just say that when I lived in Talkeetna in 2007, I just thought of Wasilla as a town where you come to get things done, and it's not representative of the rest of Alaska. If you're coming here to explore Alaska, again, I recommend staying somewhere else.

Now, if you don't heed that advice, or you need to come to Wasilla for some reason, the two hotels listed here are the best hotels in Wasilla that I know.