Android help - Help text for the Android command line tool

Nothing too exciting here ... unless of course you need to see the Android help text (the help text for the Android command line tool).

Here's the Android help output:

/Users/Al> android --help

       android [global options] action [action options]

Global options:

  -h --help       : Help on a specific command.
  -v --verbose    : Verbose mode, shows errors, warnings and all messages.
     --clear-cache: Clear the SDK Manager repository manifest cache.
  -s --silent     : Silent mode, shows errors only.

Valid actions are composed of a verb and an optional direct object:

-    sdk              : Displays the SDK Manager window.
-    avd              : Displays the AVD Manager window.
-   list              : Lists existing targets or virtual devices.
-   list avd          : Lists existing Android Virtual Devices.
-   list target       : Lists existing targets.
-   list device       : Lists existing devices.
-   list sdk          : Lists remote SDK repository.
- create avd          : Creates a new Android Virtual Device.
-   move avd          : Moves or renames an Android Virtual Device.
- delete avd          : Deletes an Android Virtual Device.
- update avd          : Updates an Android Virtual Device to match the folders
                        of a new SDK.
- create project      : Creates a new Android project.
- update project      : Updates an Android project (must already have an
- create test-project : Creates a new Android project for a test package.
- update test-project : Updates the Android project for a test package (must
                        already have an AndroidManifest.xml).
- create lib-project  : Creates a new Android library project.
- update lib-project  : Updates an Android library project (must already have
                        an AndroidManifest.xml).
- create uitest-project: Creates a new UI test project.
- update adb          : Updates adb to support the USB devices declared in the
                        SDK add-ons.
- update sdk          : Updates the SDK by suggesting new platforms to install
                        if available.