Java source code formatting in JBuilder

Don't like your curly braces at the end of the line? Rather have them on the next line? What about your block indentation, your else's, your while's, and your catch's, implements, extends, and throws? How about those import statements, and what about that line wrapping?

If you want to control your Java source code formatting style in JBuilder X, you can find these formatting controls by selecting "Project | Project Properties..." from the JBuilder menu, then select the Formatting node in the tree on the left hand side of the Project Properties dialog. Once there, you'll see that these source code formatting options are available for you to control.

Now, when you choose "Project | Project Properties...", you're only controlling these source code formatting options for the current project. If you'd like to have your settings retained for all your JBuilder projects, then you should choose "Project | Default Project Properties..." instead. In fact, this is probably what you want, so your code formatting style will be consistent from one project to the next. Then, if you need to override your formatting style for one project in the future, you can always use the "Project | Project Properties..." to adjust the properties for that one project.