Spring Dao - Spring JDBC DELETE examples

Spring JDBC DELETE FAQ: Can you provide some examples of using SQL DELETE queries using Spring JDBC (Spring Dao classes and methods)?

Here are a few Spring Dao examples, specifically JDBC/SQL DELETE examples.

Spring JDBC delete example #1: Delete a record by the primary key

In this first Spring JDBC DELETE example, I pass in an id parameter, which represents the primary key in my hosts database table. This JDBC/SQL statement deletes the record from that table that matches that id field.

In this example I also show how to catch a Spring JDBC exception in a Spring DAO method. Here I catch the exception (a RuntimeException), log it (using System.err.println()), and then re-throw it so my controller class can deal with it properly.

public void deleteObject(int id)
    String deleteStatement = "DELETE FROM hosts WHERE id=?";
        getSimpleJdbcTemplate().update(deleteStatement, id);
    catch (RuntimeException runtimeException) 
        System.err.println("***NagiosHostDao::deleteObject, RuntimeException occurred, message follows.");
        throw runtimeException;

Spring Dao JDBC delete example #2: Delete all records matching a parameter

Here's a second Spring JDBC example where I pass in a hostId parameter, which in this case is a foreign key in my host_contacts table. This SQL DELETE statement deletes all records in that table where the host_id field matches the parameter that I pass in.

Here's the source code for this Spring DAO method:

public void deleteFromHostContacts(int hostId)
    String DELETE = " DELETE FROM host_contacts WHERE host_id=?";
    getSimpleJdbcTemplate().update(DELETE, hostId);

In this Spring DAO example I don't try to catch a RuntimeException, which is different than my approach in the first example. There are pros and cons to each approach, but I generally prefer to do my logging as close to the exception as possible, which was show in my first Spring DAO example above.