Use Quaqua to display a sheet in a Java Swing application on Mac OS X (Part 2)


The running program

The Quaqua JSheet effect is very nice, it works as advertised. My only problem with it currently is that it does something to distort the image when the JSheet is displayed. You can see this problem in the image shown below, where the coffee cup image that sits on top of the caution image does not look very good:

I'm not sure what the display problem is with this image -- it may be something I have configured wrong in my Eclipse project, or the fact that I'm running it through Eclipse -- but other than that issue, I like this JSheet implementation. If that image display/rendering problem can be fixed, it definitely has the Mac look and feel.

Quaqua configuration in Eclipse

As one final note, getting Quaqua to work in Eclipse was pretty simple. I just followed the directions in the Quaqua documentation, which essentially led me to copy the library files shown in the following picture into my Eclipse project:

(That picture is a snapshot of my Quaqua project in the Eclipse Package Explorer.)