LaTeX PDF - Control line spacing in lists and enumerations

LaTeX PDF Example: Here's an example of how I learned to control line spacing in lists when creating PDF documents with LaTeX.

The reason I use this LaTeX PDF line spacing technique is that I'm writing some requirements specifications for software applications, and by default the LaTeX line spacing for lists and enumerations is too large. It appears that the items are double-spaced, and I really want them to be single-spaced.

Like everything else with LaTeX right now, I won't say that this is a perfect solution, but it does work very well.

LaTeX PDF single spacing

Here is the LaTeX code I use to set up single spacing in a LaTeX PDF document:

% this makes list spacing much better.

What I do is insert this code somewhere at the top of my LaTeX document, before I need to create any enumerations. Then, later in the document, when I do want to create an enumeration, instead of using the enumerate tag, I use the my_enumerate tag defined here. The results are exactly what I want - single-spaced enumerations.