Easy Task Manager product review

I don't offer normal product reviews on this site, and this one is no different. My review of the Easy Task Manager is this: As task managers go, I like the TaskPaper application better.

For more detail ...

Easy Task Manager takes a traditional database-driven, table-based UI metaphor to task management. To add a new task you click the Add Task button, a dialog comes up, and you fill in the fields you want, with the minimum being a name for the task. Unfortunately I've seen a few quirks in the UI when adding and deleting tasks, mostly in that the table of tasks doesn't seem to immediately get the add and delete events. After a little clicking the event finally happens. I'm pretty picky, and this is an immediate show-stopper for me.

One feature I do like in Easy Task Manager is the calendar on the left side of the application. That portion of the UI seems to make it very quick and easy to view tasks from the past, or scheduled for the future.

From my basic use of the Easy Task Manager, one feature I quickly wish it had was the ability to drag tasks up and down in the table to change their "importance". Instead you have to double-click the row, change the importance in a popup dialog, then click OK on the dialog.

Easy Task Manager is also "GTD Compatible", and offers concepts such as projects and context that are interesting.

In the end, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, I prefer a competitive product named TaskPaper, which has opened my eyes a little. In a creative stroke it showed me that you don't always have to follow the typical software application metaphors (database-driven, table/list-based UI, with data-entry-dialogs) to create a really useful (and usable) application.