Frustrations with the Mac "Open With..." menu

Ever since I got my Mac I've been wondering how the "Open With..." menu item works. This is the menu item you see when you right-click a file icon.

My particular situation is that I like to use several different applications to edit HTML files, but none of them are named DivX, BuildApplet, QuickTime, Help Viewer, etc. So I want to get all of those choices out of my popup menu.

Apple has a post on how to do this here: "Mac OS X: Clearing the Finder 'Open With' contextual menu". I'm trying this now ... wow, that did nothing for me.

There's another hint here at Mac OS X hints. Again, no luck.

This next link on Google groups looks like the best prospect, but in looking at the DivX application it has 65 references that I need to dig through. Seems like there should be an easier way for non-programmers ... maybe non-programmers don't right-click applications?

I'm afraid I'm bailing out for now. I'll try to look at this again one day when I'm not quite so tired. Seems like there should be an easier way to de-register an application from a file extension...