Two cool Mac applications from Hog Bay Software

I took a little time today to review two applications from hog bay software, and so far I like them. TaskPaper is a very simple to-do list "getting things done" application. It seems like a very minimalist application, and in some ways I want it to do more -- especially for the price -- but I do like scratching items off my list, the fact that it stores the data as plain old text, and a simple tag approach. It looks like it offers printing and archiving of tasks, but I haven't tried those yet. It also seems to integrate with other applications, like TextMate and Quicksilver, so that may be a big bonus. I'll update this post after the trial version expires.

WriteRoom is an interesting application that takes over the entire screen so you just focus on your writing. I just start using it today, and like it quite a bit. It's like an application-specific implementation of my own application curtain.