A free JSP-based calendar

I've posted a free calendar based on Java and JSP technology online here. As you'll see, it's a very simple calendar, displaying the current month initially, then letting you scroll through the months with previous and next links.

That functionality is nice, but my favorite piece is the full screen print view, which fills the entire screen with the currently-selected month, so when you print it, you get a nice, clean calendar that completely fills a sheet of paper. I moved the day numbers to the side of the cells, so after printing it, you can write whatever you want in each day.

I know that a lot of web frameworks include their own calendar tools, but I wanted to create a clean, simple calendar based just on Java and JSP technology for lightweight projects. I still have a lot to learn about proper CSS styling, but I tried to add plenty of CSS tags to all the pieces so hopefully you can style it up however you want to. (I did leave some table tags in there that I don't know how to replace yet.)

I don't have the source code out here yet, but I'll try to make it available (free) here in the next day or two.