Mon, Dec 27, 2004 (JBuilder bookmarks for Open Tools and building with Ant)

I've been using JBuilder X Foundation a lot lately. I've had to do a lot of prototyping for a current project, and as far as I've seen JBuilder has the best JFC/Swing generating tools around, bar none. So, I ditched an attempt to start working with Eclipse and I went back to the free version of JBuilder, and I haven't been disappointed.

Actually, I have been slightly disappointed in little things, like the free version won't let you easily have multiple main() methods in your project that you can run, but with a little due diligence I've been able to work around these problems. In the JBuilder portion of my blog I'll continue to share what I learn in this effort. My latest addition is a bunch of links to JBuilder Open Tools and Ant/build resources I found while working through some problems last Thursday.