Multi-touch as a new interface class

I just read this quote from Steve Jobs:

"People don't understand that we've invented a new class of interface," he said ... "there are no 'verbs' in the iPhone interface", he said, alluding to the way a standard mouse or stylus system works.

"In those systems, users select an object, like a photo, and then separately select an action, or 'verb', to do something to it."

(Whereas with multi-touch you generally combine the data and verb in one intuitive gesture. I say generally because I think it depends on the data you're working with.)

I'm not sure it's 100% new, but I think it's a cool, natural extension of a touch screen interface combined with traditional mouse gestures, i.e., what I would have called "touch gestures".

Finishing up on this topic, there's a real fun multi-touch technology presentation by Jeff Han at