Sun, Feb 16, 2003

The minority report by pkd is becoming a bit too real ... right now I'm an itchy finger away from buying a Tablet PC, which led to finding this page from IBM about "natural interaction" and "dream space". Combine that way of interacting with computers, add a touch of multiple instances of Joseph McMoneagle, and you have the reality of the minority report. (At least the computer part supplies the vision of the computer interaction in the movie version.)

A note related to why I want a Tablet PC: I currently spend about 1.5 hours per day traveling in my car, and the whole time I'm traveling I dictate to my computer various notes about the day, or email messages I need to send, etc. Because of this, and the way I work during the day, I'm hoping that something like a Tablet PC will be ideal for my needs -- lightweight, portable, and hopefully supports my constantly moving needs and dictation needs. Time will tell.