Thoughts on Google's data storage service

A friend sent me a link to this story about Google planning a service to store user's data. I read the article, and all I can say is "no thanks". I might use it as a backup service, but I sure don't want to make it my primary copy.

Worse than that, ATM I can't imagine a day when I'd ever use it as a primary copy, but hey, I've been short-sighted before. My problems with it are:

  • In general I like my privacy. (And no, I'm not talking about internet porn here.) I have usernames, passwords, and a ton of business information on my laptop, and I'm very comfortable with it all being there. I'm not comfortable with Google or anyone else storing that information for me.
  • Free wireless isn't available everywhere yet. Hell, it's not even available at Starbucks. (Shame on you, Starbucks.)
  • Where free wireless is available the speeds vary considerably.
  • Backups. Some people might trust a third-party more with backing up their data. Me, I trust myself to back up my data, and if I don't, shame on me. Can you imagine the lawsuits if Google were to screw up backups for a few thousand users?
  • Okay, one more time: privacy. I don't want Google or anyone else knowing everything about me. I've said it before: Google's slogan may be "Do no evil", but I think they are leading us closer and closer to the movie version of The Minority Report.

So again, backup my data with Google? Maybe. My primary form of storage? No way.