Wed, July 21, 2004 (Hyperbolic Tree Source Code Links)

Yawn ... nothing major so far today. I spent a long night last night working on a manuscript for something totally not related to computing, so I'm pumping in the coffee this morning.

Here are three links I found the other day to sites that have source code available for creating your own Hyperbolic Tree:

If there was enough time in the world I'd like to come up with an open source alternative to the Mind Manager program, but that's a few months off at best. I'm thinking of hyperbolic trees for that, as well as possibly being a navigation tool for another app I'm developing.

Quite a bit more awake now, thank you very much.

Nobody's asking me, but if I had a vote I would easily nominate the book "The Non-Designer's Design Book" by Robin Williams as the "most influential book of 2004", and this is after I've had the book in my possession for only 30 hours. If you're not already a designer but you're working in the field of application development and design -- and you want your content to look good -- this is a great book.