Help - I changed my Drupal theme, and I can't log in

Drupal login FAQ: Help, I just changed my Drupal theme, and I can't log in to my Drupal website(!).


You can do some really amazing things with Drupal, with one amazing thing being the ability to log yourself out of the system, and make you think you have no way of logging yourself back in.

In my case I just did this by making heavy changes to my Drupal theme, both by changing the theme files and also changing where my blocks would be displayed on my theme. (Or more importantly in this case, where they aren't displayed.) For a few, brief moments I thought I had locked myself out.

Fear not though. Fortunately you can always get to a Drupal login page at the /user URI of your site. For instance, on my website, despite a lot of changes I can always login in at this URL:

And on my OneMansAlaska website the login URL follows the same pattern:

So fear not, it seems to be pretty hard to actually lock yourself out of a Drupal website (unless of course you forget that whole username/password thing.)