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Show how to save and restore Eclipse syntax highlighting preferences. Here's the quote/solution:

I just wanted to mention beforehand that I did try to start with a fresh Eclipse install, export the preferences to a .epf file, change just one single setting, export again, and compare the files. To my surprise, trying to import settings from a minimal .epf file did not work reliably either.

The solution that worked for me was to copy these files:

But Hertzfeld said the most formative lesson he learned from Wozniak and Jobs, who he remained close to until Jobs' death last fall, was to bring emotion and art to computer design.

"First and foremost, you are your own customer: You build stuff that you love yourself. What Woz did with the Apple II was he just filled it up with so much love -- love because it was his lifelong dream," Hertzfeld said. "That's the basic approach I learned, to work from your heart, and to really, really care."

One person's job interview at Google.

How the vi and vim 'hjkl' keys came into being, as well as the tilde character being used as the 'home' character.