In a lucid dream last night I knew I was asleep

In a lucid dream last night I knew I was dreaming/asleep, but I couldn’t prove it. I kept counting five fingers on each hand (instead of the usual 6 or even 7), and everything in the apartment was right, yet I couldn’t turn on the lights in the kitchen or bathroom, which is a giveaway. (I don’t know why, but light switches usually don’t work in dreams.) I also couldn’t wake myself up. I finally decided that I need another totem for occasions like this and just went along with the experience, then woke up instantly when I found someone sleeping in my bed.

Facta non verba, baby

So the woman who told me to “suck it up” when I complained about doing the laundry in the winter moved out of the apartment complex. Facta non verba, baby.

(I posted this on December 1, 2010, when I lived in an apartment in Wasilla, Alaska, and had a 75-yard outdoor commute to the laundry facility.)

Good God, what happened to this apartment?

I now enter the next phase of my Scala Cookbook project, known as, “Good God, what happened to this apartment while I was writing that book?!”

Had to go outside to see what apartment I live in

The crazy thing about moving so many times is that I just had to go outside to see what apartment number I live in, so I could order something from Amazon.

Day one in the new apartment (Broomfield, CO)

Five years ago I moved to Colorado and was living in two hotels, one on the south side of Denver and another on the north side, trying to decide where I wanted to live. On this day (October 11th) I moved into my first apartment in Broomfield, and made this post on Facebook:

“Day one in the new apartment, slept on the floor, and there’s nothing to eat. Planning skills are still questionable. But the fireplace is nice.”

Two lucid dreams, hanging out in apartments

A funny thing about having lucid dreams is that before I become completely lucid within the dreams they can be very confusing. As an example, I wasn’t feeling well today, so I decided to take a nap at 1pm. After falling asleep I had two lucid dreams.

In the first dream I woke up in an apartment and was walking around when I became obsessed with a set of drawers that had been built into a wall outside a bedroom doorway. I was at a point where I was conscious in my dream but not totally lucid, so I explored the drawers for a while, pulling each one open and loving the craftsmanship. I loved how old they were, and then I also remembered that I had seen them before. With that second thought I became lucid and recalled that I had been here before in previous dreams, I knew this place.

Shortly after that I drifted off to sleep, only to wake up a little while later. This time I was in my current apartment, but instead of having one fan running to circulate the air (as I usually do), there were two fans running, and in short, I didn’t like the design or loudness of the second fan. As I questioned where it came from I realized that I was dreaming, and with that thought I again became completely lucid. This time I just hung out in the dream state, experimenting with various things until my body told me it was time for a bio-break, and I woke myself up.

Both dreams began with me being in a mental state where I didn’t know that I was dreaming, after which there was an event that triggered me to become completely lucid. In the second case I was more well rested, so I was able to stay there as long as I wanted.

Apartment in Texas

When I was 20-23 years old, I lived in this apartment building in Texas. I’m not sure about that red/brown tree in the foreground, but the big green tree in the middle of the building was there way back then. Thank you Google Maps for the opportunity to look back in time (without having to travel 1,000+ miles).