Async is not about performance - it’s about scalability alvin March 8, 2017 - 9:00am

“Async is not about performance – it’s about scalability.”

From this tweet by Viktor Klang, Lightbend

What is a Future in Scala?

In the Scala Standard Library, a Future is a data structure used to retrieve the result of some concurrent operation. This result can be accessed synchronously (blocking) or asynchronously (non-blocking).

~ from the docs

(For more information, here’s my Scala Futures example.)

Play Framework async controller method examples

If you want to write “async” Play Framework controller methods, I hope the following example code will help you get started. I’ll offer it here without much description today, other than to say that the list and add methods are written to work asynchronously by invoking Action.async and using a Scala Future: