How to batch-convert Mac BMP, JPG, PNG image files, free

Mac batch image conversion FAQ: How can I “batch convert” images from one image format to another on a Mac, such as BMP to JPG, or PNG to JPG?

As I mentioned in my earlier Mac batch image resizing tutorial, the Mac OS X Automator application is my new best friend. Besides letting you easily batch resize images very easily, the Automator also lets you easily batch create thumbnails for images, and also lets you convert images from one image format to another (BMP to JPG, PNG to JPG, etc.).

Here’s a quick look at how to use the Mac Automator to “batch convert” images from one file format to another, including image file formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

A simple way to show many stock quotes and charts

Many moons ago I thought I wrote an AppleScript script named GetStockUrls, whose sole purpose was to open many webpages from at one time. I could run that script, then easily look at the stocks I owned.

Today I found that script on an old Mac computer, and when I did that I saw that I didn’t write it with AppleScript, but instead created it with the Mac Automator. This image shows all you have to do in the Mac Automator to achieve this result. On my current Mac this script opens the Safari browser and opens each URL shown in a new tab. I can then move between the tabs to see what I want to see, quickly and easily.

This image shows what the result looks like in the Safari browser:

Free Mac OS X batch image resizing

Mac batch image resizing FAQ: How can I "batch resize" images (photos) on Mac OS X (for free, preferably)?

A long time ago I wrote about how to batch resize images on Mac OS X from the command line in my How to batch resize images on Mac OS X using ImageMagick. That approach is fine for techies who don't mind cracking open the Mac Terminal application, using the Unix command line to navigate to their folder, and then process their images. But what about regular Mac users, those who don't want to ever see a Mac Terminal window?

Mac, RSS news, and E-Mail: Mail an RSS news feed from your Mac

A Mac, RSS, and Email tip: How to create a Mac app (free) to mail an RSS news feed to yourself (or anyone else) from your Mac.

As I keep digging deeper and deeper into the Mac Automator application, I've found a way to do something I've been thinking about for a while: Mail RSS news feeds to myself. Sometimes during the day I get very busy and forget to even look at the news, so I thought it would be nice if I mailed myself one or more RSS news feeds.

Mac OS X image scaling - Create your own fast, free image scaling app

Mac OS X images FAQ: Can you recommend a small Mac app that scales Mac images fast, and is preferably free?

I've been creating a lot of scaled images for my One Man's Alaska website lately, and since I always scale them to a width of 600 pixels I've been trying to find the fastest, easiest way to create these scaled images.

I have been using the Gimp to do this, but it's really a little cumbersome and overkill for this. Another app named EasyCrop is closer to what I want, but it has a number of drawbacks as well.

A Mac "quit all applications" app (a Mac Automator example)

A Mac "quit all applications" app: I don't shut down or reboot my Mac computers very often, but every time I do, I always wonder if there's an easy way to quit all applications with one or two keystrokes. I don't mind having to quit all the apps manually -- that seems like the natural thing to do -- but if you're about to have a lightning storm and you'd really like to shut down your Mac fast, being able to quit all applications fast sure would be nice.

Free Mac batch image resizing software

Mac batch image resizing and conversion FAQs: How can I batch resize images or batch convert images on Mac OS X?

I was really pleased lately to discover I already had some free Mac batch image processing software already installed on my Mac computers. It turns out that the Mac Automator program from Apple was created with several "workflows" in mind, including several batch image processing workflows. With the Automator you can batch resize images, batch convert images file types, and batch create image thumbnails.