This Boulder, Colorado winter reminds me of Alaska

If you can handle the weather in Boulder, Colorado this winter (2018-19) you can probably handle the weather in Alaska. Well, southern Alaska, anyway. This is the weather in Talkeetna, Alaska or Boulder, it doesn’t really matter because they’re about the same. Of course the huge difference is the darkness in the winter. (Image from

Jupyter Notebook project alvin February 21, 2019 - 5:47pm

At a Meetup in Boulder, Colorado last night I learned about the Jupyter Notebook project.

A User Story Mapping example (from a Boulder/Louisville business analyst)

Here’s a little plug for my business systems analyst services that I offer in the Boulder/Louisville, Colorado area: A Boulder, Colorado User Story Mapping example on the Valley Programming website. It’s a short example that demonstrates user story mapping using my Radio Pi project (which was first conceived in Boulder) as an example. User story mapping is a great technique for creating a shared understanding of a complete software system.

A cow driving an old Volkswagen van alvin September 5, 2018 - 7:23pm

A cow driving an old Volkswagen van, as seen in an ice cream shop somewhere on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.

Family in town

Sorry, it's a quiet week here on I have family in town this week on vacation, and they're keeping me pretty busy.