Canadian street gangs will mess you up alvin July 30, 2019 - 6:46am

Canadian street gangs will mess you up.

An angry black bear, somewhere in Canada alvin March 26, 2019 - 8:19pm

I drove up to Alaska twice, and if you happen to go at the right time of the year you can see a lot of bears in both Canada and Alaska, or at least you could before the roads were paved. Most of the bears just watch you drive by, but this one was not a happy camper.

If you try to drive through Canada in the winter with those tires ... alvin January 17, 2019 - 5:51am

“If you try to drive through Canada in the winter with those summer tires you’re going to end up as a statistic.”

~ A nice RCMP person, after looking at my car, March, 2011. She was very close to being right, as I got stranded for five days in Dease Lake, British Columbia.

The day the Court Circuit came to town

A Facebook post from March 22, 2010, when I was stranded in a small town in Canada named Dease Lake, British Columbia:

How neat, the “Court Circuit” comes to town tonight. Just like the Northern Exposure episode, the court people travel around and temporarily set up court in various towns. They are expected to be here from tonight until Thursday. My chance to meet many police officers! (RCMPs, I wonder?)

This is a page from my book, “How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary”

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Somewhere along the way I managed to look at the calendar for the wrong year: This year April 28 was the last Friday in April, and also my last day with the company I founded so many years ago. As I'm getting ready to leave town this coming Tuesday, this last week was filled with very little work, and many goodbye visits with former employees, clients, and other friends outside of the business.

Stranded in Dease Lake, British Columbia

Dateline: March, 2010.

Not one of my better times. On the drive from the Lower 48 back to Alaska, I got stranded in Canada. The reports said the roads were clear, so I was hoping to make it through with my old tires, but “clear” has a different meaning in the winter in Canada than it has in the Lower 48. “Snow-packed with occasional ice” was a more apt description. My tires weren’t up to the task, and not wanting to die, I was forced to stop in Dease Lake, British Columbia, population 303, one motel, one gas station, one mechanic.