Mac online backup services - comparison chart

Mac online backup services FAQ: Can you provide a comparison of Mac OS X online backup services?

As I continue to dig deeper into the topic of Mac OS X online backup services, I thought I'd start putting together a Mac online backup comparison chart. I just went through the websites of all the online backup services vendors to put together the details below.

Mac online backup solutions - 2010

Mac online backup solutions FAQ: What do you know about Mac online backup solutions (Mac online backup services)?

Last year I bought my sister and her daughters an iMac for Christmas, and when I visited them again this year I realized how much data they had accumulated -- data that wasn't being backed up -- including music, photos, and school homework. I quickly realized that I needed to come up with a backup system for their Mac, and because I don't live near them, I knew this Mac backup solution needs to be both simple and automatic.