Long drive from Kentucky to Colorado

Started the drive back to Colorado at 5:50am EST Tuesday in Kentucky. Waited out the morning’s nasty snowstorm with some old-timers and truckers at a McD’s in Georgetown, Indiana.

Got tired of waiting, so when the snow let up a little I got back in the car. Maneuvered through snow-and-ice induced wrecks between Corydon and Evansville. Wanted to kiss the ground when it finally got dry after 11am. Drove through the sunset in Kansas, then followed the truckers, the Moon, and stars across the rest of Kansas and Colorado, arrived home at 12:20am MST Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing if the mountains are white whenever I wake up.

~ December 11, 2013

Drive back from Golden, Colorado (and Lady Cab Driver)

Driving back from Golden, Colorado I was listening to Lady Cab Driver by the artist formerly known as Prince, and wondering if these days he would have called it Lady Uber Driver.

And here’s a gratuitous photo of some cattle on the right and wrong side of the fence, a big field, and some mountains.

The most important lesson I learned from aimlessly wandering around alvin October 21, 2017 - 10:51am

Probably the most important lesson I learned from aimlessly wandering around for five years is that if you treat complete strangers as brothers and sisters that you’re meeting for the first time, the world magically becomes a better place.