The most important lesson I learned from aimlessly wandering around

Probably the most important lesson I learned from aimlessly wandering around Alaska and the Lower 48 for five years is that if you treat complete strangers as long-lost brothers and sisters that you’re meeting for the first time, the world magically becomes a better place.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop alvin June 16, 2018 - 10:39am

I can’t eat solid foods right now, but after the operation I’m going to check out Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Or go to Texas. One of those two. Maybe both.

Bald eagles next door (Broomfield, Colorado) alvin June 10, 2018 - 4:40pm

I came across quite a few bald eagles in Canada and Alaska, but didn’t know we had them right next door here in Colorado. I knew construction on this project had been held up for at least two years, and now I know why.

Still some snow in the mountains (Boulder, Colorado) alvin June 2, 2018 - 7:25pm

Driving into Boulder, Colorado — the hospital is just a mile up the road on the right — there’s still some snow in the mountains as of June 2, 2018.

Laying in bed until whenever

After a long work day yesterday I decided to sleep in today until whenever. After I almost got enough rest I found myself sleeping in my bed in the house I grew up in. The bed was against an outer bedroom wall, where I had it when I was a young teenager. (I would later move it to an inner wall.) Then a former friend came in the room and told me I was being lazy and I should get up and yada yada yada. I beamed her right out of there.

Then a young, healthy version of Zeus came in and stood next to the bed. I thought about asking him if he had to go out, but he jumped up on the bed and laid down next to me. That sure wasn’t going to make me want to get out of bed.

The battle for journalism in Colorado (and the Denver Post) alvin May 7, 2018 - 11:40am

When I first moved to Colorado I used to read the Denver Post, but for at least the last year I’ve read constant stories about reporting staff being gutted down to a bare-bones skeleton crew. These days I don’t even bother looking at it, which is a shame, because honest journalism is important in a free society.

Today the battle for journalism in Colorado continues, as employees of the Denver Post signed a letter about one of their colleagues being censored in the midst of what appears to be significant profit-taking by the newspaper ownership. (I saw “appears” because there is no mention of profit margins; every for-profit business must have a profit margin to stay in business.)

Update: If you’re interested in this sage, I recommend reading, They’ve Killed a Great Newspaper on

Ben, you will be missed alvin April 30, 2018 - 6:37pm

A really nice man named Ben who worked at the Walmart in Broomfield, Colorado passed away recently. We talked a lot and he told me many good stories over the last few years, including this one.