Refueling on the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Back in the day I drove up to Fairbanks, Alaska, and then from there I drove up to Prudhoe Bay, which is as far north as you can drive in Alaska. I put some gas cans on the car because I didn’t know if there were really going to be any gas stations on the 494 mile drive, but a little “town” of Coldfoot had a couple of gas pumps.

I stopped here, filled up the gas tank, had a burger, and then finished the trek on the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, where I stayed at this little, ahem, motel.

Alaska - The Dalton Highway, the road to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay

(Click the image to see a much larger version.)

A photo showing a very small part of the Dalton Highway, which is the one and only road to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay. The Alaska Pipeline is shown in the left side of the photo. I took this photo while driving north in late August, 2007.