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“Shut your mouth, work hard”

“Shut your mouth, work extremely hard and be the first one in there, last one to leave, and to lead by example.”

Denver Broncos QB Chad Kelly, talking about the advice he got from his uncle, Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly.

Stay focused and keep your head down

DeMarcus Ware is one of my favorite football players, by all accounts a real leader and team player. Here’s a nice quote from him in this article:

“I told myself, ‘Don’t get caught up. Stay focused and keep your head down and everything will be all right,’ ” he says. “That’s always been my motto: If you don’t get caught up in the hype, you can do something great.”

Sports psychology becoming popular

This article on having a sports psychologist isn’t very deep, but the paragraph shown in this image reminds me of Tiger Woods “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP) he used to use in golfing. His father was in the military, and as I remember it, he taught Tiger to have SOP routines for approaching every ball.

I can’t remember the person’s name right now, but there’s a popular sports psychologist in Colorado who works with Adam Gase, some of the Broncos players, and the University of Alabama football program.

My Wonderlic test score

After hearing that Paxton Lynch scored 18 on his Wonderlic test, I just took a short version of the test, just ten questions. (I’ve only had nine hours of sleep the last two nights, that’s all I’ve got.) Without any practice or even knowing what to expect, I scored a 70 (woo-hoo).

I might have done better, but I ran out of time and didn’t get to the last two questions because I didn’t initially know that there was a time limit on the test. No telling what I would have scored when I was 22 years old though.

Broncos make an expensive mistake on C.J. Anderson

Note: I write all of the following as a fan of the Denver Broncos and C.J. Anderson.

Don’t believe what you read from the Denver Broncos front office today (3/15/16). They made another mistake this offseason — a very expensive mistake this time — by not making C.J. Anderson a mid-tier free agent at $2.356M. That offer was only $800K more than the first-tier offer they made, and because other teams would have had to compensate Denver if they signed Anderson, it’s unlikely anyone would have offered him a contract. Because of this mistake, Denver will have to pay Anderson almost $6M this year, and another $4-5M next year, with something like $1.7M of that guaranteed. (I don’t remember the exact number.)

I have no earthly idea why the Denver management team did this. So far in this offseason they really seem to be off in trying to judge “market value.” I don’t care that they lost Osweiler, but with this move they’ve cost themselves a lot of salary cap money, which would be really nice to have because they need to sign a new starting QB.

As Mark Schlereth just said on the radio, the move was “reactionary” and a “panic move.” His radio partner said that Anderson is now the fourth-highest paid RB in the NFL.

(Image from this page.)

Tom Brady under pressure (Denver Broncos, AFC Championship Game)

You could tell that Tom Brady was under a lot of pressure by watching the game, but shared this statistic that he was hit 23 times today, 11 times more than in any other game this season. The Broncos continue to struggle on offense, but their defense was great again today.