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Flutter BLoC Pattern for Dummies Like Me

“Design patterns are a surefire way to make your projects scalable, maintainable and optimised. At Google I/O 2018, Google introduced the BLoC pattern. It took a bit of time for me to understand the concept totally and to be able to actually use it in one of my projects. To help my fellow developers out, I detailed below my process of integrating BLoCs in the applications that I develop. I hope sharing this can help other developers understand the pattern easily.”

A Java Factory Pattern (Factory method) example

Java Design Patterns FAQ: Can you provide an example of the Factory Pattern in Java?

Sure. In this article we'll look at a small-but-complete example of the Factory Pattern ("Factory Design Pattern") implemented in Java.

The Mediator Design Pattern in Java

Summary: The Mediator Design Pattern is demonstrated in a Java example (a Java Mediator Pattern example).

The Strategy Design Pattern in Java

Summary: A discussion of the Strategy Design Pattern using Java source code examples.

The Strategy Design Pattern consists of a number of related algorithms encapsulated in a driver class often named Context. A user or a client program typically selects the algorithm they want to use, although the Context class may also select the algorithm automatically.

The intent of the Strategy Pattern is to make the algorithms easily interchangeable, and provide a means to choose the appropriate algorithm at a particular time.

A Java “Extract Interface” refactoring example

Java Refactoring FAQ: Can you provide an example of the Extract Interface refactoring process?

While working on a Java Swing development project recently, I had written a couple of controllers (as in controllers from the Model/View/Controller pattern), and I was about to write some more, when I realized that if I refactored my Java source code I would have a much better design -- source code I code more easily maintain.

The pattern I saw repeated in my Java controller classes was that they all had similar method names, something like this:

A Java Command Design Pattern example

Summary: A Java “Command Pattern” example is demonstrated.

If you've ever seen Java source code that looks like this:

Java Iterator Design Pattern examples

Summary: The Iterator Pattern is demonstrated using Java source code examples.

The Iterator Design Pattern is one of the most simple and frequently used design patterns. The Iterator Pattern lets you sequentially move through a collection of objects using a standard interface, and without having to know the internal representation of that collection.