devdaily for sale?

Since I changed to, I've received several emails from people saying they're interested in buying the domain name. All I can say is that if you're interested in buying it, using the contact form here to contact me and make me a solid offer. I'm pretty sure that if the offer is $1M (one million dollars, US currency) or more, you'll get my attention. Otherwise I'll probably put it up for auction next year, and at that time you'll be bidding against a lot of other people. is now

Way back in late 1998 (think "before Google"), I started in the hope that it would one day grow into a website where authors would offer tips and tutorials for Java, Perl, C, C++, Linux, and any other open source programming language and technology that came along. Then in 1999 I started a company named Mission Data, and I put the dream of devdaily aside.

The old directory has been removed

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the old "directory", formerly available as URLs like these:


has been removed. With terrific search engines like Google, there wasn't much need for the directory any more.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. If I can help you find what you're looking for, just send me an email.

Alvin Alexander




RockMelt browser review

RockMelt browser review - I'll probably be off this "social web browser" kick soon, but at the moment, it's a very intriguing playing field. As I wrote in my earlier Mac social web browsers review, even in a beta status, I think the new RockMelt browser is the current king of social web browsers.

RockMelt browser review - The short story

If you're interested in going down the social web browser road, here's what's good about RockMelt:

About Alvin Alexander

This website,, was created by Alvin J. Alexander way back in 1998. The original plan was to open it up to all sorts of writers, create forums, and all sorts of other things, but alas, other things like economics kicked in. website

Too funny, I just realized I own the domain, so I just posted a goofy website created with iWeb out there, just so there would be something there besides a blank page.

Here's a link to the main web page, and here's a link to the blog, which may or may not contain random thoughts from moi from time to time. Oh, and sorry about those ad banners at the top, that's what you get with "free hosting", lol.



No more pop-under ads

One of my 2009/2010 New Year's resolutions was to do what I just did: Turn off the pop-under ads on this website.

Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new devdaily website. If you've been here before, you can see that things have changed quite a bit recently -- and hopefully for the better. Yes, the site features a new design, but beyond that, we've returned to our "open" and "social" roots, with a lot of changes under the hood around here. (More on this in another post.)