Scala Cookbook discount code

Don’t tell anyone (wink wink), but the folks at O’Reilly sent me a box of mini Moo cards with a discount code for the Scala Cookbook. So, me being me, I thought I’d share that code out here so you can save $$$. Here’s the front of the Moo card:

Scala Cookbook discount code (1)

Apple MacBook discounts - Check Apple's refurbished store

Apple MacBook discounts/sales news: Just a quick note here that if you're looking for discounted Apple MacBook computers and other Apple products, take a look at Apple's refurbished store. As I continue shopping for new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, I just stumbled across the "refurbished" page in the Apple Store, where they have big savings on most MacBook and iMac models, as well as other Apple products.

For instance, they currently have these MacBook discounts: