Can Truvia (Stevia) make you lightheaded and dizzy?

Earlier this year I found that Truvia helped make me lightheaded and dizzy. I was going through a problem where I kept getting dizzy, and had passed out four times. The doctors never figured out what the problem was, even though I went through every heart test known to my cardiologist, finishing off with a TEE test. We knew I had thyroid cancer, but several doctors said that could not be the cause of being lightheaded and dizzy.

In short, here’s what I found through my own tests regarding Truvia (Stevia):

Gallstones diet - feeling lightheaded and dizzy

As a quick followup to my earlier gallstones diet advice article, after I lost a lot of weight recently — 38 pounds in less than 12 weeks — I started suffering from long boughts of feeling light-headed and dizzy, almost like I was drunk, with the room spinning around me. Thinking I might be dehydrated, I started drinking a lot of fluids, but that only helped a little bit, barely enough to keep me from another trip to the ER.