Me and a black dog in Mexico

Way back in 2009 I went on a yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico with about twelve other people. One night after dinner I met this black dog as we were walking around the town plaza area. Prior to this meeting, I spent every evening in the town plaza, where I had watched this dog constantly be attacked by other dogs, so when she came up to me on this evening I petted her and then gave her my leftovers.

Yoga teacher Judi Rice — who organized the trip — was influential in my life, is standing behind my left shoulder, next to the woman in the dark pink shirt. Judi passed away in December, 2014.

Xenna the service dog alvin December 19, 2019 - 9:11am

Here’s a very touching story on titled, Xenna the service dog helps Navy vet do laboratory research.

Zen dog garden sculptures alvin November 24, 2019 - 3:07pm

I like these Zen dog garden sculptures and I’d buy them for friends, but I learned a few years ago not to give gifts that might be construed as being religious. The same company also has cats, frogs, and turtles.

Running on all fours in a dream

Wow, how embarrassing. It has taken me *years* to realize that when I run on all fours in a dream that I’m actually a dog (or maybe some other four-legged animal).

I finally realized it this morning when I was running like that and came up to a group of human friends, and one said something like, “Hey, look over there, it’s your new friend.”

When I looked in the direction he was pointing I saw a group of people who didn’t look familiar, and a black dog. Just then the dog came running at me. When it got to me it started licking and biting me and I thought, “This dog is crazy, why doesn’t someone get it off of me,” when everything suddenly made sense.


This is olde-tyme movie week at the Alexander household in Colorado (a tiny apartment, actually). Here are two images from the end of Flashdance, which I first saw at a theatre in Barrington, Illinois in 1983.

Flashdance image 1

Flashdance image 2