The "freemium" business model - best practices

It's so rare that a CEO talks in detail about how their company generates revenue that I want to take a moment and share this TechCrunch link, which covers Evernote CEO Phil Libin's presentation at a meeting named Founder Showcase. Mr. Libin discussed some of the elements of making the "freemium" business model work.

When is Dropbox syncing? The icons tell

Dropbox syncing FAQ: How do I know when Dropbox is syncing my files?

On a Mac, you can tell when Dropbox is syncing your files by looking at the Dropbox icon in your Mac menu bar. When Dropbox is not syncing your files the icon will have a little check mark on it, like this blown-up image:

Mac Dropbox performance news - Dropbox 1.0 release

Mac Dropbox news: Dropbox.com has announced a new release of their Dropbox backup and syncing software, bringing them up to Dropbox 1.0. The new version offers "hundreds of bug fixes, vastly reduced resource usage, selective sync, and a new installation wizard."

Here's a quick look at the new Dropbox.com features, with a little focus on Mac Dropbox features:

Hundreds of bug fixes: Okay, nothing sexy there, but glad they're fixed.

Mac online backup services - comparison chart

Mac online backup services FAQ: Can you provide a comparison of Mac OS X online backup services?

As I continue to dig deeper into the topic of Mac OS X online backup services, I thought I'd start putting together a Mac online backup comparison chart. I just went through the websites of all the online backup services vendors to put together the details below.

Mac online backup solutions - 2010

Mac online backup solutions FAQ: What do you know about Mac online backup solutions (Mac online backup services)?

Last year I bought my sister and her daughters an iMac for Christmas, and when I visited them again this year I realized how much data they had accumulated -- data that wasn't being backed up -- including music, photos, and school homework. I quickly realized that I needed to come up with a backup system for their Mac, and because I don't live near them, I knew this Mac backup solution needs to be both simple and automatic.