Debate about making Scala classes final by default has become my favorite website this past week. It’s very interesting to read through the debates about new language features for Scala 3 (Dotty). For instance, in the Make concrete classes final by default discussion I think everyone agrees they wish they had gone that way with Scala 2, but it would cause too many problems if they tried to make this a new standard in Scala 3. The discussion — in addition to reading Effective Java — makes me wish I had used final before all of my classes.

In another discussion titled, Why does Scala need its own build tool (SBT), someone makes a claim that Martin Odersky and his team created SBT as a build tool solution, and Mr. Odersky replies, “Definitely not my answer. I was always very skeptical of SBT’s approach and remain so.”

Excellent graph from the NCAA men's basketball final

This graph from ESPN's mobile web site is excellent. It's from the 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Final, with Louisville vs Michigan, and clearly shows Louisville flatlining in the first half, then surging back in a big way. It really shows the flow of the game, including Louisville increasing the margin about 3/4 of the way through the second half, before the gap closed again at the end.