Back from gallbladder surgery

Wow, after “Eleven Days of Hell” following my gallbladder surgery — I had a post-operative infection — I'm glad to say that I’m finally back to work from my gallbladder surgery. If you were thinking I haven’t responded to your comments or emails lately, well, you were right, and I’ll try to catch up soon.

Gallstones diet - feeling lightheaded and dizzy

As a quick followup to my earlier gallstones diet advice article, after I lost a lot of weight recently — 38 pounds in less than 12 weeks — I started suffering from long boughts of feeling light-headed and dizzy, almost like I was drunk, with the room spinning around me. Thinking I might be dehydrated, I started drinking a lot of fluids, but that only helped a little bit, barely enough to keep me from another trip to the ER.

How to lose 40 pounds in eight weeks

I've created a new diet that helps you lose 40 pounds in eight weeks. It's very simple, only two steps. Step 1: Get gallstones to develop in your gallbladder. They help create a lot of pain and problems in your digestive system, including liver, pancreas, and more. Step 2: Quit eating. Not eating gets rid of most of the pain, and amazingly, is preferable to eating.

My gallstones diet advice: how to live with gallstones

Note: I originally wrote this article in the summer of 2010. I survived on this diet for a long time, but eventually gave up my gallbladder to a surgeon.

My gallstones diet advice: Ugh, my health has destroyed my productivity lately. Due to a mysterious stomach ailment, I’ve had a lot of “stomach” pain, visited the ER several times, met a lot of doctors, had many tests, and lost thirty pounds in less than seven weeks.