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Gary Kubiak quotes about Case Keenum

A few quotes from Gary Kubiak about new Broncos QB Case Keenum, from this Houston Chronicle article:

The reason he’s where he is, first and foremost, is his work ethic. He wants to be great. His presence among his teammates is as good as I’ve ever seen. He never judges people or acts like he’s above them. He treats everybody the same, and guys want to make plays for him.

Case played well (in his rookie year), but we couldn’t win a close game. One thing I learned about Case is that he’s such a mentally strong person. He can handle any type of locker room and any kind of teammate. He’s very consistent on and off the field. His teammates respect that.

A lot of guys would just go in the tank with a start like that (0-8), but Case kept battling because that’s the kind of guy he is. He’s very comfortable in his own skin.

I don’t care who he plays for, you’re not going to put Case in an uncomfortable situation. He’s got a lot of confidence in who he is and how he carries himself. Guys respond to that.

Broncos’ Peyton Manning and Gary Kubiak trying to get on the same page

It’s obvious to any football fan that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning — who set an NFL record for touchdowns just two seasons ago — is struggling in the new Gary Kubiak offense. While (a) Wade Phillips is widely praised for taking advantage of Denver’s talent on defense and using a scheme that fits his players, (b) Manning takes 99% of the blame in the local Denver media for Denver’s poor offensive showing, but (c) Gary Kubiak is not blamed for poorly using his players on offense, and (d) John Elway is not criticized for giving both of them a poor offensive line. (The quote and image come from this page.)

"Love of the game" (hiring best practice)

When we used to hire software developers we always looked for people who had a “love of the game.” That is, we tried to hire people who loved computers and programming, and would do this sort of work even if the pay was horrible. I was reminded of that when I read this comment by Gary Kubiak, new head coach of the Denver Broncos.