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Geek Valentine's Day gifts

Geek Valentine's Day Gifts: I just received an email from Think Geek regarding their geek Valentine's Day gifts for 2011, and I have to say, some of them are really excellent. I've picked out just a handful of them (plus one from a French chocolate supplier), and I'll share them in order from my least-favorite to most-favorite. Click on any picture to see the full page at the Think Geek website.

Geek Valentine's Day gift: LED Flashing Heart

While I won't be giving this first product away as a Valentine's Day geek gift idea, it looks pretty clever:

Valentines Day geek gifts ideas - LED heart

Geek gift ideas for under $20 (2010 edition)

Geek gift ideas for under $20 (2010 edition): Looking for a great geek gift idea for the 2010 holiday season? If so, I hope this collection of geeky holiday gift ideas will offer some inspiration. I've dug through hundreds of gifts in the Under $20 category, and whittled this list down to my favorite gift ideas.

Geek gifts - Magic Wand programmable remote control

Geek gifts 2010: As I start digging into geek gift ideas for the 2010 holiday season, far and away the most unusual geek gift idea I've seen is the "Magic Wand programmable remote control". It appears to be what it says it is, a remote control for your television, in the shape of a magic wand.

You can see one photo of the Magic Wand remote control below, and here are some of the product specifications from Think Geek:

Geek gifts for Valentine's Day 2010

Geek Valentine's Day gifts 2010: I was going to write a special "Geek gifts for Valentine's Day" article here today, but as I looked around for new gift ideas, I realized that it's so close to the other holidays that not much has changed since then.

Magnetic toy gift ideas

Geek gift ideas 2010: As a geek, I've always been fascinated by magnets, so any kind of "magnetic toy" has always been a great "geek gift idea" for me. Given my fascination with magnetic toys, I just took a LOT of time :) looking at magnet toys at ThinkGeek and Edmund's Scientific, and came up with this list of magnetic toy ideas.

12 geek gift ideas for under $20 (2009 edition)

Great geek gift ideas for under $20: Getting ready for a geek birthday, or a holiday office party where you have to by a geek gift for under $20? Or just shopping for a gift for your geek, and trying to find a great geek gift for less than $20?

If so, you've come to the right place. I've gone through hundreds of items and found my personal favorite geek gifts for 2009 for $20 or less, and collected a baker's dozen of them right here.

12 geek gift ideas for under $10 (2009 edition)

Holiday geek gift ideas: Need a geek gift idea for under $10? If you're looking for a geek gift idea for a friend for under $10, or are going to an office party and need a $10 gift idea, we're here to help you. In this article we've sifted through hundreds of geek gift ideas to find the best gifts for geeks we can find at less than $10.

Geek gifts 2009: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Okay, this geek gift idea isn't for me, but if you have a young geek child, it might be a very cool geek gift for them. A friend of mine linked up to this Star Wars "Tauntaun Sleeping Bag" on Facebook, and it immediately made me think of my nephew.

Geek gift ideas 2009: BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres

Looking for a great geek gift idea - BuckyBalls! After seeing an ad for "BuckyBalls" on my website, I got curious about what they are. Turns out they are very cool! (I love magnetic toys.)

BuckyBalls are magnetic balls, or as they call them, "BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres." Here's a quick BuckyBalls description from the ThinkGeek website: