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Mac Java deprecated - Steve Jobs and James Gosling reply

[Dateline: Friday, October 22, 2010, Talkeetna, Alaska.] After Apple very quietly announced that their Mac Java port is deprecated, a CIO wrote Steve Jobs, and Mr. Jobs sent his usual one-line reply. Next up, James Gosling, the "father of Java", replied to Mr. Jobs' comments, basically saying they were inaccurate.

Updates on the Oracle, Sun, and Java strife

Summary: Sun's former CEO starts a Ruby/Postgres company. Larry Ellison (Oracle) slams Sun management. James Gosling slams Oracle.

Wow, there are all sorts of fun things going on in the Java (or former-Java) world. First, former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz talks a lot about patents, including Sun's history with Microsoft, presumably because Oracle is suing Google over some Java patents that Sun would never sue for.

James Gosling on Oracle - Google - Java lawsuit

If you want a little insight into the Oracle lawsuit against Google, take a look at James Gosling's blog, where you'll find all sorts of great tidbits.

Oracle puts their name on Java, and apps quit running

He starts with this humorous post of the funniest thing he's read all week, which includes this note, which originally came from Slashdot: