java enum

Java enum examples/tutorial (an enum reference page)

Java enum FAQ: Can you share some Java enum examples, such as how to declare a Java enum, and how to use a Java enum in a for loop, if then statement, and Java switch statement?

As described in Sun's Java documentation, a Java enum "is a type whose fields consist of a fixed set of constants ... you should use enum types any time you need to represent a fixed set of constants." Let's take a look at some Java enum examples to see how this works.

A Java enum toString example

Java enum FAQ: Can you share a Java enum toString example?

I haven’t tried this before, but I was just working on several Java enum examples (Java enum examples tutorial, Java enum switch example), and I thought I’d take a look at the Java enum toString behavior.

To that end I wrote the following Java enum “toString” example class:

A Java enum switch/case statement example

Java enum FAQ: Can you share a Java enum switch example, i.e., how to use an enum with a Java switch statement?

In my earlier Java enum examples tutorial, I demonstrated how to declare a simple Java enum, and then how to use a Java enum with a variety of Java constructs, including a Java switch statement, a for loop, and an if/then statement.