A Scala cheat sheet (reference page)

Summary: This document is a Scala cheat sheet (reference page), in HTML format.

This page is very much a work in progress, but as I've been learning Scala, I've been creating all sorts of little notes, and I'm now trying to organize them into this Scala cheat sheet. These notes are based on the excellent books, Programming in Scala (Odersky, Spoon, and Venners), and Programming Scala (O'Reilly).

Perl loop examples - The Perl foreach, for, while, and until loops

Perl loop FAQ: Can you share some "Perl loop" examples (Perl for loops, foreach loops, and Perl arrays)?

I've written a variety of "Perl loop" stories before, but I've never shown all the different Perl loop operators in one place before. In this Perl tutorial I'll try to provide a summary of the different Perl loop constructs.

A simple Perl array

Before showing any Perl loop examples, we'll need an array to work with. Here's a simple Perl array that contains five strings: